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Sepsis Canada is committed to reducing the burden of sepsis for all Canadians. To do this, we need to bring people from all walks of life together including sepsis survivors, their families, researchers, health care providers and trainees. Sepsis Canada membership is open to all individuals whose expertise and/or experiences may help contribute to our research efforts.

Become a Sepsis Canada Member

By becoming a Sepsis Canada member, you gain access to the following:


Sepsis Canada membership is free. Become a Sepsis Canada member below.


NOTE: Sepsis Canada Membership is currently full. Applying to be a member will currently only result in being signed up for our newsletter. Any future membership availability will be noted in coming newsletters.


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Become a Sepsis Canada Investigator

Sepsis Canada Investigators are Sepsis Canada members that are actively participating in projects that are directly funded or endorsed by Sepsis Canada or currently sit on a committee, board or council. Sepsis Canada investigators can include researchers, health care providers, trainees, and patient partners.

If you are interested in becoming a Sepsis Canada Investigator, you can start by learning more about the projects Sepsis Canada has funded or endorsed here. If you want to engage in one of the Sepsis Canada research projects and become a Sepsis Canada Investigator, please reach out to the project Principal Investigator(s) to start the conversation.


Become a Sepsis Canada Patient Partner

If you are a sepsis survivor or family member of someone that has experienced sepsis and would like to join the network as a patient partner, please visit the Patient Council page.