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Are you interested in becoming a Patient Partner with Sepsis Canada? 

Within Sepsis Canada, Patient Partners include any individual(s) who have experienced sepsis themselves or are the caregiver(s) of a sepsis patient (eg. spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend, other family member).

Sepsis Canada Patient Partners help to inform the research we conduct and programs we offer by sharing their insights and lived experiences, sitting on Sepsis Canada committees (e.g., Steering Committee, Communications Committee etc.), and working alongside investigators to ensure our research is meaningful and reflects the needs of sepsis patients and their families.

The Sepsis Canada Patient Council is made up of individuals with various lived experiences from across Canada. 

If you are interested in becoming a Patient Partner, please fill out the application form.

Become a Patient Partner

If you have any questions about completing this form or the Sepsis Canada Patient Partner role, please contact us.