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Sepsis Canada supports research that reduces the burden of sepsis for Canadians. Specifically, Sepsis Canada supports research projects led by three research teams:  

These three teams ensure that Sepsis Canada advances the following six focus areas and their respective research objectives.

Focus Areas and Research Objectives

Sepsis Canada has identified six focus areas that our network will advance over the next five years. These focus areas were informed by the WHO mandate, the CIHR, our research community and patient council and can be reviewed in full in our 5 Year Strategic Plan.

two beakersUnderstanding the causes of sepsis: understand the pathogenesis and the social determinants of sepsis, and the complex interplay between diabetes, obesity, and sepsis.

a person who is informed Improving the prevention of sepsis: Advance the primary and secondary prevention of sepsis.


a magnify glassImproving the detection and identification of sepsis: Ensure sepsis cases are identified and managed early. Understand the epidemiological and economic burden of sepsis in  Canada; Ensure homogenous sepsis surveillance at the population level across Canada.

Improving the management of sepsis: Advance evidence-based management of sepsis and improve patient health outcomes.

Improving the rehabilitation and recovery from sepsis: Strategic objective coming soon.


Educating the next generation: Train the current and next generation of sepsis researchers, clinicians, support personnel  and patient partners