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Sepsis Canada Network Co-Scientific Director


The next Co-Scientific Director will work alongside Dr. Alison Fox-Robichaud (Scientific Director) to continue the growth of Sepsis Canada, developing strategic directions that lend towards the network’s long-term sustainability. 

Sepsis Canada will provide young, aspiring leaders a platform to further enhance and develop their leadership skills. We will take into consideration the experience, expertise, geographic and academic standing of the next Co-Scientific Director. The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion will be employed throughout the selection process, with preference being given to a member from the equity seeking groups. 

Please review the Co-Scientific Director's role and responsibilities below. Please submit an Application Form by July 30, 2022. 

Each applicant is required to provide 2 letters of support from other Sepsis Canada Network members. Letters are to be attached as a single PDF in the Application Form. 

Sepsis Canada Network Co-Scientific Director Role and Responsibilities 

Our governance structure is based on a dyad model that supports gender and geographic diversity. The Scientific Director, Co-Scientific Director, and Managing Director compose the Executive Committee, who review and recommend the approval and funding of research priorities and projects, partnerships and budget allocations, and partnered grant competitions. The Executive Committee also makes recommendations on project performance, funding adjustments and risk mitigation strategies. Below are the minimum requirements of the Co-Scientific Director position based on current operations, which are subject to change as the network develops. 

  • Be responsible for major administrative decision making 
  • Oversee the operations of core infrastructure 
  • Recommend the approval and funding of research projects and recommend funding adjustments as needed 
  • Review project performances 
  • Oversee day-to-day management of finances 
  • Be responsible for partnership development 
  • Direct network working groups 
  • Meet on a bi-weekly basis (2 times per month) with the Executive Committee members (meeting frequency may be adjusted as needed) 
  • Review Executive Committee’s meeting agendas and pre-circulated documents prior to the meetings 
  • Provide input via email if unable to attend scheduled meetings 
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Closing Date:
Open Until Suitable Candidate Found