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Project 8: Sepsis Canada Interdisciplinary Training Program

Principal Investigators

Dr. Patricia Fontela| Associate Professor, McGill University 
Contact: patricia.fontela@mcgill.ca

Dr. Dominique Piquette  | Assistant Professor, University of Toronto 
Contact: Dominique.Piquette@sunnybrook.ca

Project Summary

Offered through the Sepsis Canada Research Network, the Sepsis Canada Interdisciplinary Training Program provides a variety of learners (i.e.., early career researchers, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research staff, health care professionals and patient and family partners) with the knowledge and skill set needed to engage in sepsis research and improve the care for sepsis patients. Learners will engage in the program for 2 years:   

During Year 1, all learners follow the online Sepsis Canada Core Curriculum which aims to provide a basic understanding of sepsis research across biomedical, clinical, health services and population health research as well as the role of patient and family partners in the research process.  

During Year 2, learners can choose to engage in one of three online streams including: a) the biomedical stream, b) the patient and family partnership stream and c) the clinical, population health and health services stream.   

The Training Program also consists of one-to-one mentorship, an annual symposium, training awards and experiential learning opportunities.   

The Trainee Committee will design, implement, and evaluate the Training Program.   

If you would like to collaborate on this research project or learn more about it, please contact the Principal Investigators.  

Sepsis Canada Team:
Team 2
Project Status:
Active / Ongoing
Focus Area:
Educating the next generation