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Project 5: The Economic Costs of Sepsis

Principal Investigators

Dr. Kali Barrett| Clinical Associate, University of Toronto  
Contact: kali.barrett@uhn.ca

Project Summary

This study aims to further our understanding of the economic impacts of sepsis from both the health system and the societal perspective. The team will explore the effect of sepsis on the risk of becoming a new high-cost user to the health system and estimate how social determinants of health, as indicated by marginalization, modify that effect. The team will also measure the effect of sepsis on the ability to work and earn for individuals with sepsis. Importantly, the results of these studies will have immediate and tangible applicability. They will support much needed health economic evaluations and policy development related to sepsis.  

If you would like to collaborate on this research project or learn more about it, please contact the Principal Investigator.  

Sepsis Canada Team:
Team 1
Project Status:
Under development
Focus Area:
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