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Project 4: The Impact of Diabetes on Sepsis-Associated Clinical Outcomes

Principal Investigators

Dr. Claudio Martin | Professor Western University
Contact: cmartin1@uwo.ca

Dr. Damon Scales | Professor, University of Toronto 
Contact: damon.scales@sunnybrook.ca

Project Summary

A precise understanding of the interactions between diabetes and sepsis is lacking. A complete analysis requires consideration of predisposing factors (factors that put someone at risk for developing a health problem), type of infection, immune response and both short- and long-term outcomes. This study will use population health methods with large, linked datasets to address this gap in knowledge. Novel opportunities include the ability to explore interactions between indicators of disease control, and social determinants with sepsis. The team will use updated approaches to sepsis identification and consider heterogeneity of the disease through a framework that considers the patient’s baseline predisposition, details of the infection, and organ failures.  

If you would like to collaborate on this research project or learn more about it, please contact the Principal Investigators.  

Sepsis Canada Team:
Team 1
Project Status:
Under development
Focus Area:
Understanding the causes of sepsis