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Project 3: Scoping Review and Cataloguing of Existing Knowledge About the Epidemiology of Sepsis

Principal Investigators

Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox | University of Alberta
Contact: mary.wilcox@albertahealthservices.ca

Project Summary

Little is known about the numbers and distribution (i.e., epidemiology) of sepsis, a life-threatening condition that is the 12th leading cause of death in Canada. Changing definitions and challenges in its recognition by healthcare professionals have hindered our understanding of the epidemiology of sepsis. This project will summarize the available literature on the epidemiology of sepsis and have that summary available online/accessible to patients, family members, healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers.  

If you would like to collaborate on this research project or learn more about it, please contact the Principal Investigator.  

Sepsis Canada Team:
Team 1
Project Status:
Active / Ongoing
Focus Area:
Improving the detection and identification of sepsis